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Very often on holiday, at partys, for presents or in free-time everyone pays something for a group of people. Calculating the payments afterwards to even out the group can be a daunting and complicated task (even with a calculator) - especially when some expenses are not shared with all group members.

billzer.com helps you with that: After you entered everyone's name and the spendings she or he had for the group, the billzer calculator tells you who owes whom how much and how to settle debts in the group.

It is also possible for expenses not be shared with the whole group and only among specific people.

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Why this site?

Calculating the right amounts of money and the transactions (who pays to whom how much) to clear a group's shared costs and to settle debts for payback can be tedious task - often only solved with the help of spreadsheets. It even becomes more complicated when one or more community spendings are not shared by the whole group (e.g. one friend did not want to join the group for the museum trip paid by another friend for everyone).

We therefore established billzer.com to provide people with an easy, free, fast and realiable way to split up their group expenses after holidays, partys, shared presents, festivals, vactions, trips, weddings, roadtrips or in clubs and shared apartments and so much more.

Everything happens in the browser without the need for signup or the installation of an App on mobile phones. It is our mission to save groups in which everyone paid some bills from arguments and wasting time after the fun is over.

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