About billzer

Julian, the founder of billzer.com, created the site after a holiday trip with friends to Venice, Italy.
After the stay it was up to him to balance the expenses paid by different persons for the group (and sometimes not even shared by the whole group) and to figure out who owes how much to whom.

Coming up with the right amounts of money and the transactions (who pays to whom how much) to clear a group's costs and to settle debts can be tedious task - often only solved with the help of spreadsheets. It even becomes more complicated when one or more spendings are not shared by the whole group (e.g. one friend did not want to join the group for the museum trip paid by another friend for everyone).

We therefore established billzer.com to provide people with an easy, free, fast and realiable way to split up their group costs after holidays, partys, presents, festivals, vactions, trips, weddings or in clubs and shared apartments and so much more. Everything happens in the browser without signup or the installation of an App on mobile phones. Since then it saves groups in which everyone paid some bills from arguments and wasting time after the fun is over.

Special thanks to Judith (Lead UX Tester) and Regina (Italian Translation).

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